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Forex Trading Room

Live Forex Trading Room

Could YOU profit from our Live Forex Trading Room streamed daily online?

Are you fed up of not knowing what, why or when to trade a forex pair or signal?


Follow Our Live Trades Today!

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£25 GBP per day, that's it! - No Subscription - Pay 1 day at a time! - Cancel any prepaid days before use for a full refund!


No gimmicks! We keep it very simple & YES, this is a Live Forex Trading Room where you see our very own retail FX Trader taking live trades in real-time. You can ask questions via chat but voice is muted from the user side. You can log in & out when it suits you. Each day, trading session meeting times are emailed to our clients along with personal log in details to the live trading room sessions they have paid to join.

Our live forex trader takes live trades whilst you sit, watch, listen or even trade a demo account yourself! People that struggle with forex trading tend not to make decisions, you get to see our forex trading screen via a live online stream. the forex trades taken cover 38 currency pairs including (but not limited to) GBPUSD / EURUSD / EURGBP / USDCAD / USDCHF / USDJPY. Our live trader also takes Index & Commodity trades including markets such as UK100 / GER30 / US30 / Gold / Silver & Oil.


(We are based in the UK so sessions are traded in GMT)


Asia Pacific Close & European Open

US Open & European Close

US Close & Asia Pacific Open Forecast

Our fx trader will take limited questions whilst trading due to concentrating on finding live trades but offers live commentary along with relevant trade questions whilst the trades play out. Time is allocated for short breaks of usually 10 to 15 minutes throughout the sessions each day. A great number of the live forex trades are taken using a scalping method from 1 minute to 15 minute chart time frames. We also cover daily chart trades & 1 hour to 4 hour time frames as the scalping may be quiet, these chart time frames can & do produce large moves in the currency / forex markets. We cannot guarantee market liquidity or volatility (both vital to a forex trader) whilst our live sessions are being streamed. We judge this daily & may cancel the trading session if this is the case as your time & money would be wasted along with our own. Sometimes it pays NOT to trade!

You do not need a big account balance, you may not even have a forex account yet or may be trading a demo account, none of this matters. You can watch our live forex trading room but we also help people along their journey via our one to one forex coaching sessions which are great for people new to forex trading as they get you set up in the right direction with hours of mistakes like platform learning or selection taken out. When you consider how many £100 or $100 forex trading account balances are blown, it can be wise to pay for the information we offer before actually trading a real money account!


We are proud to charge for our services, nothing is usually free apart from fresh air! Why should we offer our research for free? It makes no commercial sense! If you don't benefit from our sessions you will not come back! All you have to lose is one live forex trading room session charge of £25 GBP.  

If you think you can turn a £100 or $100 starting account into tens of thousands of £ or $ in a couple of weeks or months, then please forget about our live forex trading room. We only want to attract serious & committed traders to our trading room. This is not a presentation room where we try & sell you anything. We take live forex trades, you watch & you decide if you trade them yourself. We do not offer advice, we just share our traders opinion & actions live. The software we use is readily available globally & people that trade our live forex room sessions do not need what we trade from as they can see our screen!. We do get people set up with their own forex software that matches ours but this is usually once they have experienced our live trading forex room sessions & they wish to obtain the trade information away from our streams. Our forex trading room is live. 

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