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Rikard Capital

Live Forex Trading Signals

Let Us Do the Work!
About our Live Forex Signals

Rikard Capital Forex Signals was set up by a retail FX trader with 15 years Forex trading experience, fed up with a lack of transparency in the live forex signal market.

We trade our own FX Signals!

This is done through a verified & recognised online account & tracking system myFXbook that uses live real money, not a demo account which most live forex trading signal services use to sell their FX signals.

The retail FX market has grown rapidly since 2007 but more recently figures show retail broking accounts reducing & retail traders are leaving the market. Is this due to blown trading account balances?


Our Forex Trader

We trade our own signals! Our trader is also a scalper who has an audited account with a respected International broker.


The forex signal information & FX coaching that we offer is extracted from complicated trading strategies that we trade live.

There are rules to FX trading that must be followed if you wish to succeed!. Some FX signals will reverse & if they do not confirm a movement in the original anticipated direction they can confirm the total opposite!

Live Forex Signals
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