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About Forex Live Trading Rooms

Rikard Capital trading education was set up by a retail FX trader with 20 years forex, commodity, index & stock trading experience, fed up with a lack of transparency in the live forex trading room market place.

Live Forex Trading Room / Daily Stream

Live trading is undertaken daily by using a verified & recognised online smart money concept trading strategy / software & the educating traders use live real money, not a demo account which most live forex trading rooms use to sell or promote their services.


This smart money strategy / software & trading education is available to you through enrollment of the live forex trading room.

The retail FX market has grown rapidly since 2007 but more recently figures show retail broking accounts reducing & retail traders are leaving the market. Is this due to blown trading account balances? Most likely YES!

This smart money trading system & software promoted by Rikard Capital has been tried & tested by many failing or failed retail traders that now have a sound direction backed up by live daily education on how to navigate trading financial instruments with pilot precision. 


Smart Money Forex Trading

The concept of smart money trading comes from retail traders being referred to as dumb money!


That's right, they call you dumb money!


(They) being the smart money traders or large financial institutions that prey on financially uneducated retail traders to act as liquidity for their profitable trading outcomes whilst conducting their daily business in the financial markets. The dumb money is required to act as "the other side" of each trade, allowing smart money to obtain buyers & sellers for their own trades. Are most retail forex trading strategies that attempt to drag in more & more liquidity to the market (from the likes of youtube) actually coming from the smart money institutions?

Too many sales promotions run by unknown & untrusted forex brokers that do not fall in line with any recognised or regulated compliance directly drag retail forex traders into a dream trading world!


Why does every trusted & compliant forex broker website now come with a caveat warning / disclaimer that a certain percentage of retail forex traders lose money. This percentage is usually & most often above 75%! Why would so many people lose money? Why would so many people have such an unbalanced edge to make the majority of gains go in favour of the smart money operators or large financial institutions?

There are rules to financial trading that must be followed if you wish to succeed! Some traders continue to blow small & large live accounts & try again time after time learning nothing apart from how to deal psychologically with losing money!

Does this sound familiar?

No-cost Evaluation Fee Funded Trading Accounts
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