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How it Works
What paying subscribers receive;
  • You will be sent between 1 & 10  Forex trading signals for varying currency pairs / indexes & commodities at the end of each trading day (New York close 1700hrs) which is 2200hrs GMT in the UK. Signals are sent 4 days a week on the following days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. There are no signals sent on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The variance in the number of signals sent is simply based on how active the markets are that day.

  • These signals are strong, current & active within minutes or hours of being received. The end of day signals are "set & forget" signals sent every evening but you may also get daytime signals in addition from lower time frame charts.

  • Each signal contains an Expected Trade Duration,  Entry Point, Target Exit & Stop Level.

  • You will need a smart phone as our forex signals are sent via WhatsApp, this method of delivery ensures end to end encryption of our live FX signals.

  • You decide if you trade our FX signals.

  • We do not bombard you with quantity over quality!

  • Some days may produce more than 10 signals due to market volatility & other days can produce less than 3.

  • There are NO contractual agreements on either side.

  • The cost of trying our live forex signals for one day is ONLY £5 GBP!

  • Pay £25 per week & get a refund for any full days left in that week if you cancel!

  • You are FREE to cancel the payments through YOUR PayPal account when you wish at anytime! We will refund any unused days, immediately without question!

  • Once you have made a secure payment via PayPal you will be added to our automated signal distribution system & be receiving live forex signals within a matter of hours.

Pay £50 for a 1 hour session of Forex Coaching Live via "1 to 1"Skype with our FX Trader
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  • You can pay us via Paypal or with a debit or credit card.

  • Weekly  = £25 GBP "AUTO Pay" - Paypal debits the money weekly & you cancel when you wish!

  • If you cancel you will get a FULL pro rata refund for the time / days left in that week or month.

  • Still reading this? Then you could have more to lose by opening another trade than trying a 1 day trial for £5 GBP.

FTSE 100 Signals & FTSE 250 Signals

We also offer signals for the main FTSE 100 (UK100) & FTSE 250 Indexes. These signals are sent out daily at around 2230hrs GMT, Monday to Thursday. They include signals for both the main index & any FTSE 100 or FTSE 250 company that a signal is showing for, be it a short or long signal. These FTSE signals can lead to small short term & larger longer term trades. We find that most clients that select these signals manage their own personal pension stocks or are serious about investing in or trading the UK stock market. The FTSE 100 index & the individual companies can produce a great number of signals. If you consider how much information we have to process to extract daily / weekly / monthly live trades happening now and concluding over the next 7 to 14 days or quarter, then you will see how our signal fee is extremely respectful. We charge £75 per week, payable via PayPal on a Sunday evening before midnight GMT. If you cancel our policy is the same as with our forex service where unused days are refunded.


Our Live 1 to 1 beginners forex trading coaching via Skype allows you to understand how a journey from losing to winning can be potentially achieved. Whilst talking with our very own FX trader (who trades the global FX markets & sessions daily from the United Kingdom) you will obtain an insight into how people become part of the 5% of traders who actually make money as opposed to being a part of the 95% that statistically lose money. Our forex coaching can also help individuals who are struggling to turn around a losing demo forex trading account, we do this by coaching people on our FX systems & strategies. We offer no guarantees with our coaching & there is no requirement for you to book more than your first one hour session. Session costs are non refundable after the session has been used & amendments to session times or session cancellations must be made 24 hours before the session start time. Cancellation of a session within a 24 hour period would deem the session non refundable.

Automated Signal / Copy Trading

If you do not wish to trade yourself, you can find companies that offer to set you up with an account that mirrors trades automatically. You set the amounts you wish to trade with & the FX mirror system provider will place a pro rata value forex trade in your account when they open one in theirs! You control your forex account, you can move stop losses & take profit levels if you wish & close out trades before they do. You are in control, it simply mirrors the initial trade entry actions & completes them if you decide not to intervene. Rikard Capital does NOT offer Auto / Copy trading signals. All of our live forex trading signals require the user to investigate the signals / charts & make their own decisions on trading.



Forex broker accounts that we recommend to people all offer negative balance protection and/or guaranteed stops. Therefore, greatly reducing if not removing any chance of a greater loss than the amount deposited at any time. Consider this for a moment & see how this type of forex trading account can reduce risk if trading live real money.








No Contracts

We offer a NO Contract service for you to receive our live forex trading signals & coaching! This is because people remain using our services so we don't need to obligate them! We believe our live forex signal information is strong enough to charge for, nothing is really free! Our FX signals are traded in house by the very person who creates them. Why would people keep subscribing to signals that they do not find useful?


Try our live forex signals for one day & let us do the work!

Risk Warning: Forward Rate Agreements, Options & Contracts For Difference or CFD's & Over the Counter (OTC) Trading are leveraged products that carry substantial risks of loss up to your invested capital / deposited funds & may not be suitable for everyone. You must be sure that you fully understand the risks involved & do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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